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Oct 1, 2012 6:30am EDT
an accident at a water park in california. a spokeswoman for the park says the 19 year old cut in line and then dove headfirst down the venom drop slide at six flags hurricane harbor. halfway down he fell off the slide. it's not clear why he fell but the venom drop is 75 feet and it's a multiple tower slide. the teen was taken to the hospital where he was reportedly conscious and breathing on his own. a five alarm fire in illinois caused a warehouse to collapse. more than 200 fear fighters were called into the scene and they spent hours to put out the hot spots. fire was reported at 1:30 sunday morning and crews expected to remain on scene for a few more days to make sure the fire is out. the warehouse used to house a custom cabinet business. carmageddon -- failed to materialize. 10 miles of thes aboutiest highway opened hours ahead ofschedule a similar closure was last year because of the nightmare many people expected but it never happen happened. this time they demolished parts of a bridge to make room for another carpool lane. >>> news time is 6:33. and you love them or hate them.
Oct 8, 2012 6:30am EDT
because of the holiday. everything will re-open tomorrow. california governor jerry brown is asking for an immediate relief for a cheaper blend of gasoline to bring the cost of prices down at the pump. drivers have seen a huge spike in gas over the past couple of weeks. prices average $4.65 a gallon compared to $3.84, national average. hallmark are going to be closing doors and it's because of emails and social networking sites. people are buying greeting cards and shifted to using the internet. 300 people will lose jobs because of the closure. time to get a check on the weather, over to lynette charles, rainy day yesterday. we need the rain. it's cold and raw again for today. look at the temperatures, coming in the upper 30s, northville, ellicott, ijamsville, 40s in northeast and also 46 rock hall, denton 43, edgewater 41 degrees. outside, see for yourself, what is happening, we have the clouds beginning toncrease around bel air, the same in manchester, that's going to be the story as we go throughout the day. satellite and radar picking up on the clouds, rain towards the north and
Oct 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
into the home at the california science center. it will make its way aleut a route where trees are removed and traffic lights had to be taken down to accommodate the massive shuttle. >>> it will cost you more to mail a letter n january a first class forever stamp will now cost 46 cents. there is something else new for next year. the globele stamp for 1.10. you can mail it anywhere in the world. >> the nobel prize is not going to a person this year, it is going to a group. the european union won the award for 60 years of to the advancement of peace and human rights t is in the midof it a crisis since it was founded facing failing economies and the number of countries. >>> a tall glass of clean fresh water is what is in store. that's the goal for baltimore city talking about improvements to the sewer system. and there are changes and clean water and it is proactive to meeting the goals t is meeting in the park. >>> police officers from across the state are trading in cuffs for aprons. they will work at the red robin raising money for the special olympics. and working as part of the proceed
Oct 12, 2012 6:30am EDT
a shot of this this morning. the shuttle will be put on display in california. and win they did this in los angeles, they had to take out street signs, lights and trees to get the endeavor through. >> that must have been a site to see in the streets. today though we're dealing with clear skies this morning. plenty of sunshine but the clouds will move into the area. courtesy of a front. we have the big game tonight in the bronx. and they are seeing showers right now but that will move out of here as that front traverses the area later this afternoon. let's check out what is going on in bel air. plenty of sunshine will rule and we'll start to see the clouds moving across the area. that's going to be the name of the game n manchester but plenty of sunshine is going to control us as we go through the morning and the afternoon. but this morning the temperatures are chilly. look at ellicott city at 37 now. 41 in norrisville and 46 in germantown and came bridge at 47. 46 in centreville. good morning to you, you're at 42. high pressure in control for a time. this will get the boot n a m
Oct 15, 2012 5:30am EDT
firefighters in sacramento, california found when they got called out to a canal. look at this a deer was swimming back and forth in the water with no way of getting out. firefighters jumped in a raft and tried to catch the little guy but every time they got close the baby would swm away. after an hour of chasing them they got to the canal and they roped him in and finally put him to shore. >> i am just real impressed with everyone that they came out and put the effort fort to rescue the deer. it's great. >> they tranquilized him to check him out for injuries and released him into the wild. >>> you probably seen them before. the notices in the mail they say you won $3 million. >> yeah a scam taking money from hundreds of marylanders. the attorney general's office is taking on the scammers. >> a popular snack that turns your fingers orange. a teacher is not a fan. why she is saying no to cheatos. cheetos. >>> you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >>> we still don't know what started a house fire that killed four and their grandmother butwe know how
Oct 4, 2012 6:30am EDT
is located in california. it has five bedrooms and be like the guest house for this place. the dream home can be yours for about $1.5 million. >>> all right, if you love going to the movies and a lot of you do, but you also hate the prices that come with it. hang on. >> we've got a new service we want to tell you about. it's a monthly pass that gets you into the shoe rhees, think of it as netflix for the -- movies, think of it as netflix for the theaters. >> one airline wants to ease your paint and help you leave -- pain and help up leave the country. >> the humidity is high this morning with dew points in the upper 60s to low 70s. i'll tell you when the more comfortable air works its way in here coming up. >> well, lynette there's a lot of congestion right now on 695. here at old court road. and we have a crash on 95 and several others across the region. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." >>> 15 minutes away from 7:00 this morning. this is abc2 news to go, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. a lot but we begin with a check of the forecast with meteorol
Oct 11, 2012 6:30am EDT
got a pedicure all thanks to possibly a drunk woman. workers at a petting zoo in california say surveillance video caught the young woman jumping the fence and snatching the goat. >> we noticed that our goat was gone. so i started panicking and called the copping to find out if they -- cops to find out if they found a goat. we noticed that somebody actually climbed over the fence and took the goat. chasing the animals around and they were definitely intoxicated. >> 911. yeah, someone stole my goat? [ laughter ] >> cute. she doesn't need a pedicure. look at that little face. >> it was a pink pedicure. workers say the goat wasn't harmed but when asked the goat said it didn't want to go for the ride again. >> i bet. >>> all right a shoutout this morning from the baby boomers senior expo. we were out there going on at the state fairgrounds and i have a long list of shoutouts. indulge me? they love you. they love you. they love you. >> a lot of love. >> they tolerate me. so to gene, sarah, gail, fay and dr. dorsey, thank you for getting up with us every morning. and keep watching abc
Oct 18, 2012 5:30am EDT
will announce the outlook for the coming winter of 2012 and 2013 later today. >>> the california symphony is paying tribute to the late u.s. ambassador to libya tonight. the concert is called salute to a hero. christopher stevens died when the u.s. consulate was attacked last month. >>> get news for the holiday shopping season. toys "r" us will extend the free layaway plan until november 16th. it was set to charge a $5 service fee. however they exended the program after seeing the popularity among the customers. >>> well, a new effort to stop texting and driving could be coming to our state. massachusetts and connecticut are developing high visibility antitexting enforcement pilot programs. that is more than a mouthful. this includes stationing police spotters on highways' overpasses looking for drivers who can't keep their fingers off the key pad. they're going to train police officers on better spotting methods for texting drivers and also they're developing new media campaign. >>> well, you remember going to gino's as a kid and getting a special sauce. today you can relive the moments
Oct 23, 2012 6:30am EDT
, california. >>> looks like something out of movies. cameras were rolling as a pair of suspected car thieves smashed a truck through a convenience store in michigan. you can see it the footage we wanted to show you one suspechelped himself to liquor and cigarettes. because the story is about the video we will bring it to you a little later on in the show. >>> so a fancy league in one high -- fantasy league in a high school is drawing concern. >> the story is disturbing. boys at the school are drafting the name of girls. >> they are earning points by going kind of hooking up with the girls and engaging in sexual activity. the more -- the further the girls go the higher the pointch the principal sent a letter to parents letting them know what was going on. the league was discovered at an assembly at date rape prevention. >> we wanted to make sure parents were aware of things going on in their kids' lives. >> glad there's a strong administration who is willing to take on the issues. as a mother of four girls. >> a investigation found the league has been going on for 6 years. school administrat
Oct 25, 2012 6:30am EDT
? listen to this. tempers flare as drivers waiting to fill up at a gas station in san diego, california. a gallon of regular unleaded dropped just under a dime overnight to $3.89 a gallon. you see the cars lined up to fill up. well, one man said he saw two men almost come to blows over the gas. >>> well, do you find yourself traveling above the speed limit? >> i know you do. you've passed me before and left me in the dust. listen to this. this place is for charlie. a new stretch of road opened it in the country. the fastest lane out there. and there it is. we were hoping for a -- yep. well drivers in texas they made their first legal laps at 85 miles per hour. governor perry cut the ribbon the opening spoken for the 41- mile stretch of tollway between austin and san antonio. >> all bigener texas -- bigger in texas. >> i guess so. people fly down there anyway. >>> all right, he's been eluding authorities now for years. >> now after being on the wanted list for so long, he is finally been caught. how the monkey was a violent past has a facebook page. >> we have some wild surveillance vide
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10